Floyd Bed Review: What to Know Before You Buy

In my experience, I’ve found adapting my Floyd frame to be relatively simple and painless. I added a headboard to the queen size, and then, in 2021, I converted it to a king, keeping the queen-size headboard. The resulting asymmetrical look, with the headboard off to one side, is either chic or weird, depending on your take, but I’m happy with it (and I was too cheap to get a bigger headboard). I’ve been using the underbed storage since March 2022. Each drawer, about 3.5 feet wide by 1.25 feet deep, is only 4.75 inches high, which some people may find too shallow for their needs, although I have found it useful. The drawer, which slides smoothly in and out from under the bed, is composed of a sturdy sewn canvas that hangs from a steel frame mounted on tracks that integrate with the bed frame. The drawer is designed to hang flush with the bottom of the bed, so there is little opportunity for dust to enter; in the first three months of testing, with weekly vacuuming, I haven’t noticed any dust accumulation on the outside. (My house, however, is pet-free at the moment.) I was worried that the canvas would be droopy with too much weight, but it has held its shape well. Installing the underbed storage was harder to do than installing the headboard, as it required removing the bed frame’s supportive straps, swapping out two old leg supports with new (included) ones, and then restrapping. It still took only about 10 minutes with the help of one other person.

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