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Samsung’s Galaxy Fit 3 Could be Attractively Priced

Although Samsung has not officially introduced the Galaxy Fit 3, the fitness tracker continues to make headlines all over the internet. Following the accidental listing that revealed its official photos and specifications, the device has once again been spotted. This time, it was shown in its retail packaging alongside the local price, giving clues on how much it could cost in other markets upon release.

As we continue to roll out the red carpet for February, it appears the imminent launch of the Galaxy Fit 3 is also approaching. This is supported by the fact that the fitness tracker has been recently pictured live in a retail store in Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 price

While there was nothing interesting from the photo given most details about the device have already been reported, the alleged price of the Galaxy Fit 3 was unceremoniously revealed. It is tipped that the Samsung tracker will cost TZS 250,000 locally, or about $99 after conversion.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3's retail box
Samsung Galaxy Fit’s retail packaging is pictured / © Samsung Community

This is not surprising as the less capable Galaxy Fit 2 that our colleague reviewed cost around $60 a pop. However, the final price may still differ in other markets, including the USA, if you were to take into account the tax difference.

Regardless, it looks like Samsung is positioning the Galaxy Fit 3 as a compelling fitness tracker alternative compared to the likes of the Fitbit Charge 6 (review) or Inspire 3 (review). Likewise, some smartwatch users may also find the Galaxy Fit 3 a better option due to its lightweight build and smaller form factor, allowing for better comfort even when worn all day.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker
Samsung’s Galaxy Fit 3 features a quick a release button for attaching straps or bands / © Gadgets & Wearables

In addition, the Galaxy Fit 3 is confirmed to bring a larger AMOLED touchscreen in a rectangular aspect ratio and a dedicated physical button. The wearable also uses a quick-release button mechanism to allow easy swapping of straps. This might be inspired by the Galaxy Watch 6 (review). In addition, it is available in black, silver, and pink.

Apart from that, the Galaxy Fit 3 should include better health and tracking features, like a wider range of workouts and expanded sleep analysis. There is also support for fall detection, Find My location tracking, and a barometer sensor. Samsung rated the new tracker to deliver up to 13 days of battery life from a single charge.

Do you think the Galaxy Fit 3 is a reasonable purchase at this price? Let us know how much you think it should cost.

Via: GSMArena

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