The 2 Best OLED TVs of 2024

OLED TVs are the best-looking TVs you can buy, delivering extremely high image contrast, rich colors, smooth motion, and much better viewing angles than LCD TVs offer. They carry a higher price, but they’re a worthwhile upgrade for anyone who is truly passionate about movies or gaming.

We recommend the Samsung S90C Series because it provides awesome picture quality at a relatively competitive price.

Our pick

This TV delivers stunning picture quality and great features for a relatively reasonable price. But it does not support Dolby Vision HDR.

Last year, Samsung knocked our socks off with its first QD-OLED TV, the S95B Series—the first 4K TV to combine an OLED panel and quantum-dot color. (Read our TV buying guide to learn more about the tech terms we use here.) This year, Samsung’s S90C Series delivers similarly excellent picture quality and improved video processing at an even more affordable price and in more screen sizes.

The S90C also improves upon the S95B’s somewhat sluggish Smart Hub smart-TV platform while offering dazzling HDR imagery, zippy responsiveness during gaming, and sleek, durable build quality. The S90C feels especially futuristic, too, as it comes equipped with a solar-powered remote control and built-in cloud-gaming features.

We found two downsides. First, Samsung TVs don’t support the Dolby Vision HDR format, which is a dealbreaker for some people. Second, the 83-inch model, the largest in the series, doesn’t utilize the QD-OLED panel, so it may not stand out as much from other OLEDs in performance.


This OLED TV is an excellent choice, especially if you want Dolby Vision HDR or a screen size smaller than 55 inches. But it’s not as bright or colorful as our top pick.

For a long time, LG’s C Series has been the go-to pick for most OLED buyers because it hits the sweet spot between price and performance. This year’s LG C3 Series remains an excellent choice, especially if you’re looking for a 42- or 48-inch screen size. But the arrival of the Samsung S90C makes the value proposition of this LG OLED a little less clear-cut.

The C3 uses a standard OLED panel, as opposed to QD-OLED, so it is neither as bright nor as colorful as our top pick. Plus, its webOS smart-TV platform feels a little long in the tooth. Though this TV offers improved video processing in comparison with LG’s previous C2 Series, it doesn’t make any major leaps forward otherwise.

However, the C3 supports Dolby Vision HDR, which some shoppers consider a mandatory feature, and overall it’s still one of the best OLED values of 2023, delivering top-notch picture quality and all the extras you might expect from a premium TV.

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